I totally know your pain. You got that cream on sale and you were stoked that you’d be able to make some decadent treat with it, but now it’s sitting in the fridge, well past its best before date, and starting to separate. “How could I let this happen?” you ask yourself, a single tear rolling down your cheek…

OK fine, not everyone cries over food waste like I do, but it’s still uber sad, you’ve got to admit. But never fear! You don’t have to toss that cream. It has life in it yet!

Turn it into butter—or rather, churn it into butter! Ahem. OK fine, I’ll get on with the recipe…

How to make homemade butter from expired cream

Yields about 1/3 butter (to keep) and 2/3 whey (to discard)

Expired whipping cream (separating is OK!)
Electric mixer or food processor
Salt (optional)

Place the cream into the mixer or food processor and beat vigorously. You will see the cream go through various stages. First, it will likely whip up like whipped cream, and then it’ll become dense and fall a bit. Over time, it will finally begin to separate and you’ll see that the fat solids are clumping together into a butter-like substance and the whey has separated off. This is what you want! At this point, you basically just need to separate the butter and whey and you’ve got homemade butter! Be sure to rinse the whey off of the solids so it doesn’t taste sour. If desired, you can mix in salt to taste (usually I use about 1/4 teaspoon salt to each cup of finished butter). Refrigerate until ready to use, then take the butter out to soften before using on toast, baking with it, etc.

It’s really that easy to have amazing, fresh butter to spread on your bread. What’s your favourite base to spread butter on?

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